Hi, I am Gavriil. 
An Architectural & Interiors Photographer, specialising in capturing lighting design schemes. I used to be an architectural lighting designer but had a change of heart. Still working with light though.
I LOVE coffee, but only drink one every morning. 
I travel a lot. I have to, but I enjoy it. Spending most of my time between Athens, London and Dubai, working on a freelance basis.
Originally trained as an Electrical Engineer, I worked at the Lighting Laboratory of the National Technical University while obtaining my MEng. Intrigued by not just the science but by the playful nature of light, I went on to obtain the Light & Lighting MSc at the Bartlett School of Graduate Studies in UCL (London) before pursuing a career in London as an Architectural Lighting Designer.
Over the years I designed the lighting for a variety of projects around the world, ranging from high-end hotels, super yachts and luxurious residential developments to restaurants, art galleries and public realm spaces. 
My passion for photography led me to establish GavriiLux, a London based Lighting Design + Architectural Photography consultancy. I am now working worldwide with lighting designers, architects, interior designers and brands offering architectural photography and content creation services.
My portfolio includes the photographic documentation of the new Acropolis Lighting scheme, award winning photos of the Kimpton Fitzroy Hotel in London  (IALD Radiance Award 2019), the National Museum of Qatar and the Four Seasons Hotel in Athens, amongst others.
It's great to have you here. Welcome!