To mark its 15th anniversary, the Fluxum Foundation, in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra, KOA; Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall; and the Greek National School of Dance, KSOT, recreated the ballet, La Création du monde. Choreographed by Jean Börlin to the music of Darius Milhaud, with a libretto by Blaise Cendrars and stage sets by Fernand Léger, this work from the Ballets suédois was first presented in 1923 in Paris. 
In 2000, the Fluxum Foundation began working with Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer for the first time to reconstruct La Création du monde. The ballet was then performed in the courtyard of the Geneva Art and History Museum, in partnership with the Grand Théâtre de Genève. 
The Fluxum Foundation, offering its unique and distinctive form of creative engagement, celebrated 15 years of supporting the performing arts. While restaging La Création du monde it collaborated with young graduates from the Greek National School of Dance, giving them a chance to work alongside Millicent Hodson and Kenneth Archer. These professionals are true archeologists of dance, specializing in reconstructing ballets whose original choreographies have been lost. In their staging of La Création du monde, they have recreated Fernand Léger’s sets and costumes in a version that is at once freer and more sculptural than imagined by the original artist. The choreography highlights the symbolism in the animal, human, and divine realms. 
Twenty-seven dancers from the Greek National School of Dance and the musicians of the Athens State Orchestra had this unique opportunity to experience what it is like to redesign a ballet from the modern era.  Performances were presented at the Athens Concert Hall in February 2018. 
Coordinator/Production : Athina Delyannis  Lighting designer : Anna Sbokou
Stage manager: Eumorfia K Key    Stage Hand: Nikos Iliopoulos
Stage Supplies: PA Solutions    Lights Equipment: Karamalegkos Bros - Innovative Event Solutions