With "Work Away from Work", Fabege, one of Sweden's largest property companies, has developed an office concept that goes far beyond the desktop edge of current office and work models. Work is spatially detached from the company office, a new idea that reveals benefits for the individual and for social coexistence. At three locations in Stockholm, Fabege offers its own employees and all tenants of its properties a free co-working office infrastructure. The interior architecture and design are reminiscent of cosy cafés, combined with modern work areas. The interior, colours and flexibly adjustable light with high visual comfort create pleasant and inspiring surroundings. 
"A good place to work should entice and inspire the creative side of people," attested Joaquim de Abreu, lighting designer at the WAW locations. Each WAW site has its own character. WAW Hammarby Sjöstadt, located in the south of Stockholm, is housed in a historic building with light in its DNA: the Luma factory manufactured incandescent lamps from the 1930s to the 1970s. People now work there below ERCO light with state of the art LED technology. This largest location offers space for single or group work as well as open lounge areas.
Lighting: ERCO  
Lighting Design: ABREU Design Studio AB
Controls: Casambi